WinTail main GUI

WinTail main window

This is the main application form. At the top you can find the main menu items and the GUI is very streamlined and intuitive. Both size and position of this window are saved each time WinTail is closed, in order to restore the user's custom settings the next time the program will be opened again.

Use File->Open menu item or just press CTRL-O to open one or more files you want to tail.

Each file will appear in a separate window inside the main WinTail application form.

Opening files to tail

WinTail main window

You can either choose the files you want to open through the file-open dialog, or selecting them from the history listing of the last opened files.

Arranging the windows horizontally

WinTail main window

In this example there are three files opened at the same time and each window is tiled horizontally.

You can re-arrange all child windows (in position and size), by pressing the key sequences CTRL-1, CTRL-2 or CTRL-3 that respectively tiles the windows horizontally, vertically or in cascade mode.

Filling the Terms to highlighted combo, will allow you to specify one or more terms or keywords, that will be highligted by WinTail if encountered during the tail-phase. Pay attention because at today's date the keywords highlighter is case sensitive, but we cannot exclude that in the future versions of WinTail will be introduced a different feature.

Arranging the windows vertically

WinTail main window

By pressing CTRL-2 key, all child windows are tiled vertically as you can see in this example.

Arranging the windows in cascade mode

WinTail main window

By pressing CTRL-3 key, all child windows are arranged in cascade mode. The active child window is bringed to front, while the other ones are moved to the back.

You can switch between the three different way to arrange the windows pressing CTRL-1, CTRL-2 or CTRL-3 at any time.

Check for updates

WinTail main window

This is a very useful and easy to use feature to check if a new version of WinTail has been released or not. If and Internet connection is available, clicking this item will perform an online version check, and you're than promped by a pop-up window to choose if you want to upgrade or not your WinTail version.

WinTail is distributed as a portable version, so if you intend to upgrade to the latest version, just download it and replace the old executable with the new one.

Increasing the font size

WinTail main window

When needed, you can click this button to increase the font size. Click this button repeatedly to gradually increase the size of the font.

Reducing the font size

WinTail main window

As explained in the case of the increasing the font size, on the other hand to reduce it just press this button. Click this button repeatedly to gradually reduce the size of the font.

Restoring font size

WinTail main window

Click this button to restore the font size, setting it to the default value.

Scrolling features

WinTail main window

These buttons scrolls the file to the top or to the end instantly.

This feature is very useful in the case of extremely large files.

Alternatively, you can always browse the contents of the file using the handles slide to the side of the window.

Keywords highlighter

WinTail main window

Enabling or disabling the highlighting feature of certain keywords is very simple and intuitive. In the upper part of the menu there are two buttons, one to disable and the second to activate this feature. If enabled, please populate the combo with all the terms you want to be highlighted automatically.

WinTail License and useful links

WinTail main window

This is the WinTail About form and here you can find detailed information concerning the license and there are some useful links that you may try to get support or extra documentation.

WinTail si a freeware software that we hope you can enjoy!