Things you can do to support WinTail

Wintail is free for you, but not for us. Maintaining and improving software not only costs a lot of time, but money as well. For example, there are hardware and software costs, telecommunication costs and more. So if Wintail proves to be useful to you, we would be glad to receive some appreciation in return.

See below to learn about different ways to say "Thank you" to the Wintail development team and support the development.

(Ten hours of electricity for one developer PC)
(One day webserver hosting)
(5% of our monthly telecommunication costs)
(A quarter of a hard-drive)
(5% of one MS Visual Studio license)
Of course, you can donate any amount you regard appropriate.

We hope you get an idea of all the things we have to pay for in order to create WinTail for you. Additionally, if only our hardware costs were covered, we still work for nothing.